Considering that more than half of all homes in our country were built prior to 1980, it’s only natural that it’s time for many homeowners to think about replacing their HVAC system. If you’re ready to upgrade to a more efficient option, Air Comfort is pleased to help you navigate your cities choices. These are four key factors you’ll need to consider when selecting a new HVAC system. Home Size. An efficient HVAC system is appropriately sized for your home. Read on →

Do you have questions about your home heating options? Here at Air Comfort, we aim to offer you a variety of options to improve your home with the perfect solution. Take a look at some of the choices available to you. Heat Pumps One thing we really like about heat pumps is the fact that they provide both heating and cooling to homes. Heat pumps are also a very efficient alternative to electric heat. Read on →

Did you know that your HVAC system can significantly impact the health of your family? It’s true–and while we all want our families to breathe clean air, it’s easy to forget our their heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Until it breaks down, of course. The reality is that you want your home to be full of clean air, yet normal habits like keeping windows shut through winter, cooking and cleaning can all contribute to poor indoor air quality. Read on →

The new year is an opportune time to consider some home improvement projects to make your home more comfortable, energy-efficient and raise its value. Here are some ideas for home projects you might take on in 2017. Energy Audit Would you like your home to operate at its maximum efficiency? Hire a professional BPI-certified energy rater to evaluate your house through an energy audit. The audit will test your home for any energy losses and safety issues, and you’ll receive a detailed report of your home’s issues. Read on →

Have you ever experienced a broken furnace or malfunctioning HVAC system in the middle of winter? Winter holidays are an especially bad time to worry about a full house of cold guests! Luckily, you have Air Comfort on your side. In the event of an emergency, call or Emergency Repair Service Hotline in Georgia (706-952-4197), or Tennessee (423-755-7488). In the meantime, there are a number of things you can do to stay warm even with the temporary trouble. Read on →

Do you plan to entertain overnight guests over the holidays? If so, it’s a great time to get those rooms ready! Here are some things you’ll want to consider including to help your guests feel more at home. Extra Bedding Make sure your guests’ space includes an extra set of bed sheets and a few blankets of different weights to keep them comfortable. Mini-Steamer Help guests enjoy crease-free clothes by stocking the room with a mini-steamer to go over clothing that may have been wrinkled by traveling. Read on →

This season, as we all prepare to celebrate the holidays, Air Comfort would also like to help you prepare for safety. Here are some very important home tips to protect your family from accidents with natural gas. Always listen to your nose. If at any time you smell the odor of natural gas, get away. Then contact your natural gas provider or call 911. Remember that pilot lights and gas burners should glow with a steady, blue flame to indicate they are operating properly. Read on →

When it comes to carpet cleaning, we’re sure that you’re aware of the aesthetic benefits to your home, but how about the health benefits? Here are three of the best reasons to have your home’s carpets regularly cleaned: Eliminates trapped pollutants. Dirty carpets can retain many sources of indoor air pollutants, like pet dander, cockroach allergens, lead, particle pollution, and the everyday dirt and dust. Toxic airborne gases can also adhere to these particles and remain trapped within the carpet fibers. Read on →

Is your home ready for the holidays? We know, it seems frightfully early to ask about holiday prep, before Halloween! But when you consider Thanksgiving is less than one month away, and Christmas isn’t far behind, you’ll realize it’s not too early to begin getting your home in order for guests. The great thing about beginning your holiday prep now is you’ll be much less rushed to finish everything before your guests arrive. Read on →

Would you like to enjoy a happier, healthier fall or winter season? If so, it’s time to talk about the quality of your indoor air! The indoor air inside our homes can be significantly more polluted than the outdoor air we breathe. That can mean worsened allergy or asthma symptoms and more respiratory illnesses throughout flu season. Here are some tips that all homeowners should consider to help improve their indoor air quality: Nix excess moisture. Read on →