Is your home ready for the holidays? We know, it seems frightfully early to ask about holiday prep, before Halloween! But when you consider Thanksgiving is less than one month away, and Christmas isn’t far behind, you’ll realize it’s not too early to begin getting your home in order for guests. The great thing about beginning your holiday prep now is you’ll be much less rushed to finish everything before your guests arrive. Read on →

Would you like to enjoy a happier, healthier fall or winter season? If so, it’s time to talk about the quality of your indoor air! The indoor air inside our homes can be significantly more polluted than the outdoor air we breathe. That can mean worsened allergy or asthma symptoms and more respiratory illnesses throughout flu season. Here are some tips that all homeowners should consider to help improve their indoor air quality: Nix excess moisture. Read on →

Fall is the ideal session to get your house prepped for winter so you can enjoy a cozy home… along with *saving energy–and money–*all season long. Here are some of the key steps you can take in autumn to save money throughout the colder months: Upgrade your pool pump To keep your pool clean without racking up a large electric bill, you need a quality pool pump. A variable-speed pump uses a permanent magnet motor and is more efficient than the induction motors on most two-speed pumps. Read on →

As your thoughts begin to shift from your home’s cooling to heating needs, you might have questions about when it’s time to replace your home comfort system. Here’s a few items to consider. Age of your current system. Assuming you’ve had regular maintenance and service performed by a qualified tech, your system should typically last between 12 and 15 years. Warning signs. Other signs it’s time for a new system can include: The equipment has seen frequent repairs. Read on →

Have you noticed that your air conditioner is quickly cycling on and off? It’s not a problem you want to ignore. Your AC is short cycling, and it’s an issue that impairs the energy efficiency of your entire system, puts unneeded wear upon your equipment, and leads to breakdowns and the need for repairs. Why does it happen? An Oversized Unit Sometimes an air conditioner is too large and powerful for the space it’s supposed to cool. Read on →

If you’re enjoying a newer HVAC unit, you might be wondering exactly how long your investment will continue to output perfectly cool air. The truth is that much of your system’s performance depends upon how well you maintain it. As we’re now well into the cooling season, this is a great time check the efficiency of your AC system and consider installing high-performance auxiliary units that boost comfort without negatively impacting your utility bill. Read on →

When it’s time to hire an HVAC service technician, be sure to protect your home and family by selecting the best. You not only want to find a tech aligned to a reputable, licensed and bonded business–you want to aim for the most professional experts who have taken the time and effort to earn additional accreditations to show they’re the best in the business. Here are some of the additional qualifications you’ll enjoy when you work with Air Comfort: Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer Did you know that Carrier offers you a 100% satisfaction guarantee when you purchase their equipment through a Factory Authorized Dealer? Read on →

Whenever we talk about HVAC systems, ventilation is a key factor. A comfortable home isn’t only heating or cooling air, but ventilating it too. Have you ever wondered why the ventilation in your home is so important? The following are just some of the reasons you want a properly ventilated home: Reduce Condensation Proper ventilation can help regulate temperature and control moisture levels. Having too much moisture inside your home over time can result in unwanted problems, like peeling wallpaper, mold or mildew formation, and even structural damage to wooden supports. Read on →

There are several factors that may lead to the failure of a home HVAC unit. Regular maintenance is a vital factor to improve the functionality of a unit, extend the life of the system and catch any problems before they become too great for repair. Here are four of the most common reasons HVAC system fail: Debris Heat pumps require about 18 to 24 inches of breathing room to operate properly. Read on →

Let’s face it–summertime in Tennessee and Georgia gets pretty hot! AND before the weather gets any more sweltering, you’ll want to make sure your AC system is ready for all that use. Here are a few steps you can take to get it ready: Check Your Filters Airflow is an essential part of your air conditioning system, and keeping a clean filter installed is essential for your comfort. When the filter gets clogged, it becomes difficult for air to pass over the system, and it is not uncommon for ice to build up on the coil and cause your entire unit to seize up! Read on →